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License To Grill

$ 55.00
License To Grill

License To Grill

$ 55.00

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007 is too busy to BBQ much in movies, but on his off days he's said to be pretty lethal on the grill. But you don't have to be a trained spy to grill well. Just buy this box.

The License to Grill box is an assortment of praise worthy BBQ accoutrements designed to take your grilling prowess up a notch. It even includes veggie and seafood rubs to round out your Renaissance man status on the Que. New love interests will spring up regularly while using this box. You've been warned.

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What's Inside :

Cayman Citrus Dryglaze ( Urban Accents ) - This Cayman Citrus Dryglaze is a complex seasoning blend of tropical citrus sugar, chili pepper, garlic and jalapeño that will give your dishes a spicy Island flavor.

Smoky Honey Habanero Rub ( Spiceologist) - If you're in the mood to impress, our Smoky Honey Habanero signature blend won't let you down. Slightly smoky from the smoked paprika, slightly sweet from the honey granules and some kick from the habanero. We love this blend and so do our customers. It's no wonder it's our #1 Seller!

Caribbean Rum Grill Sauce ( Wine Country Kitchens) - Wine Country Kitchens has combined some of their best grilling ingredients and added dark Jamaican rum to create this new Caribbean Rum Grilling Sauce. The result is a sweet and spicy flavor sensation. Enjoy this rich taste of the Caribbean with chicken, beef or seafood. Marinate your favorite meat prior to grilling, or brush on the sauce while it's on the grill.

Tri-Tip Meat Marinade ( 1849 Brand) - 1849 Tri-Tip Meat Marinade is the perfect marinade for Tri-Tip, sirloin tips, Porterhouse, and T-Bone steaks. The rich, wonderful flavor of this marinade will bring out the best in beef, and also works wonders on chicken, pork, and vegetable stir-fries. Used by top-quality butchers for years in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Asian Curry & Honey Veggie Roaster ( Urban Accents) - Roasting veggies with an Asian flavor is easy with our blend of honey, cumin, red pepper, peppercorns, sugar, onions and spices. Just mix with olive oil then toss with carrots, potatoes or any root veggie and roast!