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It's a Sausage Fest

$ 59.00
It's a Sausage Fest

It's a Sausage Fest

$ 59.00

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This isn't the same Sausage Fest you see at your favorite neighborhood bar. After years of bad associations with the phrase, we're reinventing The Sausage Fest and making it awesome for a change. 

This Sausage Fest is timely and delicious. Why? Because there's never a bad time to eat sausage. Furthermore, these gourmet cured sausages are ready as soon as you open the box. No prep necessary, just open and eat sausage.

Simple. Beautiful.

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What's Inside :

Summer Sausage ( Vermont Smoke ) - “The best summer sausage I’ve ever tasted!” This is the reaction Vermont Smoke often receives during in-store tastings all around the country.They cut no corners, especially with their Summer Sausage. A 12 hour fermentation is carried out to reduce the pH of the Summer Sausage before cooking, rather than just adding acidifiers. This slow process allows the flavor to develop slowly, resulting in a clean flavor with the characteristic “tang” of a traditional summer sausage. They also use a subtle mix of spices, and no MSG.

Chorizo Spanish styled Salame ( Volpi) - Un Mondo Chorizo Spanish Inspired Salame is an all natural product with no nitrates. Seasoned with plenty of spices, paprika and garlic! This is a spicy, rich and bold flavored salami that hot spice aficionados will go crazy over. There are so many great ways to use chorizo, in paella, with cheese, and even omelets.

Smoked Pepperoni ( Vermont Smoked ) - Smoke a pepperoni? Turns out it was a great idea!The result of our smoking the best pepperoni we could find is a marvelous combination of medium spicy heat and mellow smoke from our corn cob and maple wood glowing embers.  This smoke mellows and complements the punch of the spicy pepperoni.  Our smoked pepperoni is less oily than most pepperonis, and customers remark on it as “nicely dry and non oily, it seems less fatty.”

Rose Wine Salame ( Volpi ) - Volpi Rose Wine Salami is made with all natural ingredients and steeped in fine Rose Wine, owing its delightful flavor to the lightly pressed Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Syrah grapes.

Pinot Grigio Salame ( Volpi ) - Volpi Pinot Grigio Salami is an all natural salami with an artisan look and taste. Made only with all natural fresh pork and ingredients, this salami contains no nitrites. Like any good wine, Pinot Grigio Salami is meant to be shared with family and friends.