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It's a Sausage Fest
$ 59.00
This isn't the same Sausage Fest you see at your favorite neighborhood bar. After years of bad associations with the phrase, we're reinventing The Sausage Fest and making it awesome for a change.  This Sausage Fest is timely and delicious. Why? Be...
Kevin Bacon
$ 49.99
The inspiration behind the movie Footloose, The Kevin Bacon box is a delicious assortment of bacon infused gourmet treats that will make you a better dancer. Guaranteed. It's true that bacon really does go well with everything, including chocolate...
Bourbon Barrel
$ 49.99
Eat your Bourbon with this handpicked selection of gourmet treats. Each product in this box is crafted using bourbon as a defining flavor feature. Use them for your next BBQ or on your morning toast. A must have for any bourbon lover.  Include a f...
Hot Mouth
$ 55.00
It's been said that hot food will put hair on your chest. Well, it's true. In fact this box is guaranteed to produce a thick and beautiful carpet of chest hair that would make Tom Selleck proud. Studies have shown that spicy foods also add charact...
License To Grill
$ 55.00
007 is too busy to BBQ much in movies, but on his off days he's said to be pretty lethal on the grill. But you don't have to be a trained spy to grill well. Just buy this box. The License to Grill box is an assortment of praise worthy BBQ accoutre...
Turf & Turf
$ 55.00
Ron Swanson's favorite box, The Turf & Turf, is a gourmet steak explosion. Enjoy it with whiskey and a cigar, because you're a free American. So rub, sauce and marinate your way to a carnivore's paradise. The next time you eat mediocre steak, ...