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Top 10 Gifting Mistakes You'll Never Make Again... Or Else

Top 10 Gifting Mistakes You'll Never Make Again... Or Else

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With Valentine’s Day just days away, millions around the country will wake up on Sunday morning screaming, then running, then crying, then running again to whatever store they can, just hoping they’ll find that special someone something special. Well. In such an extreme state of hysteria, many will fail to avoid these classic pitfalls of gift giving. But not you. No, you’ll be ready.

You’re welcome in advance.

1. Not planning ahead. 
Hence this post – we’re giving you a little heads up. So get on it, muchacho!

This has to be one of the most common mistakes (especially if you’re of the male persuasion). It’s when you’ve put yourself in this situation that you ended up getting your loved one an automatic toothpaste dispenser. Which might not be that bad. But plan ahead! You’ll save yourself the stress, and you’ll get a gift that’s just that much better.

2. Being too impersonal.
Don’t be that guy. Or girl. You’ve gotta get/make something with some thought, even if it’s only the tiniest part of the present.

People love knowing that you thought about them and that you noticed something about them. Even if it’s just including their favorite snack, letting them know you’re aware of what they care about can make all the difference.

3. Getting a gift for their ‘self-improvement’.
This taboo might just get ya another week in the dog house. And we both know you don’t wanna go back there – especially after what happened last time…

It’s fine if they’ve asked for it. But if you got the present for them because you think they could use some work, you might just be making up for it for quite some time.

4. Not including a card.
Is it really that hard to add a card? It may be a relatively small part of it, but so is the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, or whatever metaphor that makes you the hungriest.

A card really does add a nice touch. It gives a little introduction to the gift, and makes you look like a classy friggin’ gent or lady. That’s why over here at ManlyGram, we always give you the option to add a personalized gift note to any box you buy. 

5. Getting them something that you like.
This might work. But it also might not. So, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

This is a tricky one. If you know you’ve got some interest in common with the person, your own taste might be a good indication for what they’ll like. If you’re gonna try this, the best thing to do is to pause for a second and try to put yourself in their shoes and be honest with yourself. 

6. Deciding on a whim or a feeling.
In the words of Fat Amy, “sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm… better not”. Wise words.

Try and use a little digression. As fun as that Groupon gift for doing some elephant javelin might seem, might want to take a step back and consider it a moment. Don’t make any hasty decisions just because it ‘feels’ like a good idea at the time.

7. Getting them clothes, if you're not sure their size.
They say if the shoe fits, wear it; but if the foe sh**s, definitely don't wear it. Well there's a truth to that ancient proverb. So get them the right size or don't get them clothing at all. 

You run the risk of a few things when you don't know their size. First, you might offend them if it's too small (you think I'm that small?) or if it's too large (you think I'm that big?). Second, even if the recipient is nice and/or actually likes it, they've still gotta go into the store and exchange it. Don't make them work for it. 

8. Buying/making the same thing you got them last year. 
Pete and Repeat were in a boat and Pete falls out, who's left? Repeat. Yup. It's Repeat. It's always Repeat. And your Dad or Grandpa will keep reminding you until kingdom come. So don't repeat your gifts, kids.

Get them some thing different this year. Even a variation on last year's gift is better than the same exact thing. Regardless of how much they loved last year's gift, a new gift shows that you put a little extra thought. Now maybe you've developed a funny or thoughtful yearly tradition of giving the same gift - that's good. Just mix it up a bit each year to keep the fun and thoughtfulness alive.

9. Getting them a 3D printed doll of yourself.
That's just creepy. A 3D-printed image of them on the other hand? Well, that still might be creepy. 

Okay so maybe this isn't one of the most common pitfalls, but here at ManlyGram we like to think we're ahead of our times. One day we'll all have 3D printers. So remember, you heard it here first, skip the 3D-printed doll of yourself this or any gifting season. In these times, maybe avoid giving a picture of yourself or anything that could be perceived as vain. 

10. Not getting a gift at all.
The mother of all mistakes. The gift they can't even regift or take back. 

Unless they know you're not getting them anything already, or you've both decided on skipping this year, not getting them a gift is a difficult one to recover from (especially if they got you something). An old family trick I learned is if you didn't order/purchase the gift in time, give them a card the day of that tells them what you got them and that it's on its way.That way they've got something to look forward to and they know you've thought of them. 

So now you'll be prepared, whatever the occasion, to ensure you don't make these classic mistakes of gift giving. And you'll be one less screaming, crying, running victim of the season's gifting pressures. 

Thanks for reading.
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